Black Pearl

Black Pearl Epimedium and Ginseng Formula Zhuang Yang Yi Jing Wan 壯陽益精丸

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Chinese remedy of epimedium and ginseng to help provide increased physical and mental vigor. It not only helps improve vitality and circulation, but it can also improve overall general health.

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This is general advice only. Please consult your Chinese medicine practictioner if you are unsure if this medicine is right for you.


Acanthopanax gracilistylus, root 23.1 mg
Angelica polymorpha, root 23.1 mg
Astragalus membranaceus, root 25.7 mg
Cinnamomum cassia, stem bark 7.8 mg
Cornus officinalis, fruit 23.1 mg
Cynomorium songaricum, stem 23.1 mg
Dioscorea oppositifolia, root 25.7 mg
Epimedium sagittatum, herb 25.7 mg
Eucommia ulmoides, stem bark 25.7 mg
Ligusticum wallichii, root 15.4 mg
Lycium barbarum, fruit 23.1 mg
Morinda officinalis, root 23.1 mg
Paeonia lactiflora, root 23.1 mg
Panax ginseng, root 7.8 mg
Polygala sibirica, root 15.4 mg
Rehmannia glutinosa, root (Chinese foxglove root) 25.7 mg
Schisandra chinensis, fruit 15.4 mg


Adults only - take 8 pills with warm water, three times daily, at least half an hour before or one hour after food.

Please store in a cool and dry place.

If unsure that this medicine is right for you, please consult your Chinese medicine practictioner.

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